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Taking Action towards the Future You

Jun 01, 2023

I have written and spoken before about how much I love taking clients off on a wonderful relaxed journey so that they can fully explore who their future self really is. 

We love mapping out the new identity, the attitude, the style, the dreams, the full “Self Branding” experience. It’s an immersive process. 

But, then, it comes the time to take action and thats when many many people come up against obstacles. It’s often easy to write reams of dreams (I am going to use that for another blog post….reams of dreams) but when its time to take action the metaphorical phone line goes quiet.


What does taking action to create the Future You and realise your dreams look like?

The first step is to get very clear on the end result. What’s the dream, what is the remarkable goal you are striving for? Is it money? Is it a relationship? Is it a family, kids, a promotion, a holiday home? Is it to be a self made millionaire within the next 5 years? Is it to open a business? 


Whatever it is, you must be absolutely crystal clear on your “Outstanding Outcome”. 

To know your outcome first will allow you to work backwards with certainty. I have never managed to create anything of value without first having a vision for the future. 

I love this quote from Oprah 

“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”


Once you have the highest vision possible for yourself/your life you can begin the process of creating it, you can move towards it in the direction you need to go. By getting really clear and specific we can avoid the “rabbit hole syndrome.” 

“Rabbit hole syndrome” is a term I invented for my lovely friends and clients who love to get focused on distraction activities that take them back where they feel safe and familiar and they can hide out in the hole for a few days, weeks even months sometimes. 

The next step is to have fun mapping out who the woman is that has achieved that remarkable goal. You want to begin to act is if you are already the person you want to become. You can start by asking yourself questions like:-


How does she dress? 

How does she talk?

What are her standards?

What are her daily habits?

How does she move?

How does she think?

How does she plan?

What are her values?


You start to make choices that align with your future self and that move you closer to her. 

Next, you begin to create the atmosphere around you that supports your new identity. You surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. You create space that reflects your style and personality (that may mean having a declutter !).

You will want to consider what you read, watch, and what comes into your social media feed (I always suggest having a social media audit and stripping out accounts you follow that drain your energy or that no longer align with your Future Self values).


Finally and very importantly you can begin to work on developing the mindset of your Future Self. This means beginning to think like her, cultivating a growth mindset like her, setting standards like her. This Future version of you no longer accepts limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Future you has a positive and empowering mindset that allows you to grow an achieve your goals. 


George Bernard Shaw said “It’s not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.” 

Remember, creating your Future Self is a process, it takes time and effort. But, with each small step, you get closer to being Future You and to living the life of your dreams.

So don’t be afraid to dream massive dreams and don’t be afraid to take action. Your Future Self is waiting for you and she’s ready to guide you to a life a happiness, fulfilment and success.