Hi, I'm Anne!

I'm a Transformation & Elevation Mentor with a 25-year international corporate background.

My passion lies in empowering women to elevate their lives & realise their dreams & goals. My approach involves guiding them in defining their future selves & actively working towards creating that identity in the present.

Through my journey, I have encountered many women who feel stuck, overwhelmed, & dissatisfied with various aspects of their lives. I'm deeply committed to helping them realise that they possess the necessary tools to achieve the life & success they desire.

Drawing from my experiences as a mother, a mental health advocate, & a former corporate executive in the premium fragrance, cosmetics, & skincare industry, as well as interactions with celebrities, I offer a holistic approach to guide my clients toward unlocking their full potential.

My transition from a high-flying corporate career to becoming a stay-at-home mother was a significant life change that brought both positive & negative experiences. This journey inspired me to develop programs & systems to assist others who are struggling to find their way.

I firmly believe that it's never too late to create the life of your dreams, become the person you want to be, & make the decision to change. My focus is on self-discovery, leading to new opportunities for personal growth & success.

I'm enthusiastic about meeting & helping women elevate themselves, achieve massive success, & live lives beyond their wildest dreams. With my wealth of knowledge & experience, I can truly understand my clients on various levels, addressing business problems, emotional worries, building confidence, & providing clarity.

I'm an expert in Mindfulness & Mindset, & I genuinely care about the transformation & growth of those I work with. In addition to working with individuals, I am deeply passionate about my work with businesses.
When people feel fulfilled & content, they make better decisions, represent the organisation more effectively, & their enthusiasm often extends to customer interactions. This positive ripple effect ultimately contributes to long-term success & reputation.

In a recent article I wrote, I emphasised the importance of supporting women in the workplace as a vital imperative. Women's health & wellbeing can be profoundly affected by a complex interplay of factors, from the invisible mental load they often bear to challenges related to hormonal changes, gender & age discrimination, & the relentless pressure to navigate a minefield of micro pressures.

Acknowledging & addressing these issues is essential not only for the health, happiness, & success of women. I believe that by nurturing & empowering both individuals & businesses, I can play a pivotal role in creating workplaces where everyone thrives.

Working with me promises remarkable outcomes, whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a business aiming to enhance your team's performance & well-being.

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Your Signature Self...

Identify your values, strengths & purpose & overcome limiting beliefs. Define your vision for the future, create your signature style & build confidence.

Focus on moving forward with purpose, ready to take on the world with confidence & clarity.

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The Signature Session

Book a bespoke ‘Signature Session’ with Anne for focused 1-to-1 attention to gain clarity on your life & what is working or not working for you.

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